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Defrosting Tray

Are you always trying to find a faster and better way to defrost your frozen food without loosing out on flavor?We have all done it,forgetting to take the food out of the freezer and trying to defrost it without compromising on losing out on structure .

We have the perfect solution for this. Our problem solving Thawing tray is the organic and healthy way of cooking compare to microwaves and leaving them in hot water.

The thawing plate is a special alloy with a thermal conductivity of 20,000 times that of ordinary metals, achieving high-speed heat exchange, allowing frozen foods to achieve the fastest natural thawing effect

Advantages: speed, short time, can effectively save the first choice time, and can maintain the original taste and nutrition of food, health and hygiene. Corrosion resistance, long service life and easy to was as is stain.

Our defrosting tray and drip tray are both with nonstick surface, which is very easy to clean up under running water with our bonus silicone sponge. At the same time, the product can also be used in the dishwasher.
Defrosting tray is made of food grade aluminum, the coating peel does not off when washed, it has long service life. Suitable for all types of frozen meats.


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