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Automatic Pet Feeder

Another problem solving product from worldwebshopper.
With the volume of 500g this bowl is one of the most hygienic feeder in the market today. Easy to use and Easy to clean also environmental friendly makes this the perfect present for your cats and dogs.

Bullet Points: 

1,Auto-sensing Cover: The sensing distance is about 0.5-1m/1.64-3.28ft. When the product is closed, when the pet enters the sensing range, the lid is opened for feeding, and the lid is closed within one minute after the pet leaves the sensing range.

2,Charging Protection: Overcharge protection function, charging time: normal use time more than 5 days, charging using 5V1A current charging, 18650 lithium battery, capacity 2000MAH.

3,Material Safety: ABS shell material, safe and environmentally friendly, the cover is made of PC transparent material, the food is visible, and it is convenient to add food. Built-in bowl of 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning.

4,Long Food Preservation: Moisture, odour, mosquito, cockroach, and rat. 



Due to popular demand, this product will take between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive