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Baby Non-Slip shoes



The unisex baby slipper shoes and socks were designed to care for your baby’s feet. Made of premium breathable and comfortable combed cotton which is skin-friendly, non-irritating, and very suitable for baby's first walking.


The stocking welts have great elasticity and are very light, so children's ankles will not be strangled when wearing this pair of home socks, and there will be no restraint, very supportive. This is what they need to gain confidence and become experts at walking.

Say bye to struggling to put on shoes and can easily slide unto their feet. This baby shoe is a problem solver and also washing machinable.

We have a vast amount of collection in stock and we know there is a pair you know your kids would like. The perfect gift to a loved one.


Size Information

Size 4.5 inch      (Sole Length 11.5 cm),  18-19 size,  suit for 0-6 M baby,   feet length: 10-11 cm

Size  5 inch    (Sole Length 12.5 cm) ,  20-21 size, suit for 6-12 M baby, feet length: 11-12 cm

Size 5.5 inch   (Sole Length 13.5 cm),   22-23 size, suit for 12-18 M baby,   feet length: 12-13 cm

Size 6 inch      (Sole Length 14.5 cm),  24-25 size,  suit for 18-24 M baby,   feet length: 13-14 cm

Size 6.5 inch  (Sole Length 15.5 cm), 26-27 size, suit for 24-36 M baby,  feet length: 14-15 cm



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