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Bag Sealer

We must live a healthier lifestyle for us and our family. The days of wrapping food in films and foil has changed. When we use these old ways we allow bacteria to get into our food.

This little Device is Eco-Friendly problem solver and will seal your plastic bags air tight so bacteria don't get into bags of food and keeps it fresh for longer. Lightweight and compact design, this plastic bag heat sealing machine is convenient to store and use, and is convenient to store in every corner of the kitchen and living room.
Suitable for all kinds of plastic bags. This food sealing machine can handle all kinds of plastic bags, such as snack bags, aluminium foil bags, potato chip bags and various PVC materials.

The purpose of this little sealer is to keep food fresh and dry.



Due to popular demand, this product will take between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive