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Belt Organizer

Do you own that many belts?

Do you find it hard to find them in your wardrobe's and Closets?

Do you want to tidy them up just like you hang up your clothes in your wardrobe?

Well we got you covered with this Belt Organizer. Stylish Design made out of high end plastic .Comes in 3 different colours...

Black / Brown / White

It can also be used for Tie's and Scarfs.

This item helps tidy up your ward rope's/closet's and help create space ,This makes it one of the best organiser on the market.

Measurements 30.5 -7.3 -1.4 (cm)


You may need to balance left-right to keep rack level. Belts not included and due to lighting colour may be slight different


Due to popular demand, this product will take between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive.