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Large Drill Dust Collector

Ever tired of drilling a hole and getting dust everywhere dust on the floor, dust in the air, its just not good to inhale not forgetting messy floor.

This is the industrial dust collector big brother to our Electric Drill Dust Collector made from silicone rubber gaiter.


Electric Drill/Hole Opener Dust Collector

With our drill cover system, you can contain the dust and debris
for a clean work space. The drill attachment is made of durable plastic. It
features a hollow chamber that collects dust and debris as you drill each hole.

You'll love how convenient and easy this attachment makes it to clean up after a project.
Because of this tool's versatility and usefulness, it makes a great addition to
any toolbox.

Suitable for engineering installation, air conditioning
installation, wall drilling, etc.


Due to popular demand, this product will take between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive.