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Microwave Steam Cleaner

Now cleaning microwaves and ovens the old fashion way is over. The effort we use to scrub is a thing of a past now. Powerful Non Toxic Cleaning With All Natural Steam Power designed to clean the odours in microwave ovens.

We present to you the Angry mama microwave cleaner.Our Creative Microwave Cleaner is made from silicone material and also microwave / Oven friendly, light and easy to collect, high temperature, no deformation. This is a good helper in the kitchen.
It is It can help you completely remove food and bacterial residues from the microwave.

This is how to use this product...

You can put a special microwave oven cleaning solution, or a mixture of water and vinegar solution, hen microwave for 7 minutes, heating and observation, you will find your mother angry head look like, when she calm down Cleaning is complete, you can continue to use a rag or sponge to clean up. Add a little lemon liquid can increase the aroma.