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Pregnancy Seat Belt Extender

This is a great problem solver for pregnant women. A little adjustment from the position of the seat belt prevent the seat belt from being too tight to the pregnant woman's belly. 

This iscomfortable and safe.

Key points:

1. Reduce compression: The seat belt adapter effectively distributes the impact force to the shoulders, the sides of the waist, and the crotch to reduce compression.

2. Design for pregnant women: the seat belt used by ordinary pregnant women has a strong compression force on the abdomen, and the adapter buckle will disperse the compression point

3. Reduce discomfort: It can help anyone who has experienced abdomen or stomach surgery and cesarean section safely to relieve discomfort and pain.

4. Easy to use: When pregnant women get on and off the car, they don't need extra time to unfasten the seat belt and fasten it again. It is more practical for daily use. You don't need to bend your head to check the fixation.

5. Intimate design: most similar products have a cover/back cushion on the seat cushion, which may cause the seat to heat up or the seat vents to not work properly. This seat belt adjuster does not affect the function of seat heating or seat ventilation.



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